I have an issue with remote objects: I run the following code:

<apex:remoteObjectModel name="Case" jsShorthand="case" 

    var cases = new SObjectModel.Case();
    cases.retrieve({where: {IsClosed: {eq: false}}}
    , function(error, records) {

and the error is:

Error occurred while performing RETRIEVE operation on sobject: Case with data: {where={IsClosed={eq=true}}} (MALFORMED_QUERY: 
subject, createddate, id, casenumber, _cid FROM Case WHERE IsClosed =
ERROR at Row:1:Column:76
line 1:76 no viable alternative at character '_') 

Well, yesterday it was working ok. What can be wrong with this part?


I couldn't find much detail in the "official" documentation, but did come across this gist that illustrates many patterns.

The only "query by a specific id" pattern I could get to work is this one:

<apex:page >
        <apex:remoteObjectModel name="Account" jsShorthand="Account" fields="Name,Id"/>
        fetch = function(){
            var a = new SObjectModel.Account();
            a.retrieve({where: {Id: {eq: "001i000000cwvW9AAI"}}}, function(err, records){
                if(err) alert(err.message);
                else {
                    records.forEach(function(record) {
    <button onclick="fetch()">Fetch</button>

which is like your first example except that it works... Your error message doesn't seem to reflect the "where" that you list; is it possible some other code is causing your error?

  • As I said it was working ok a day before
    – Natallia
    May 21 '14 at 7:08

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