I have a lookup field on case which points to case object. (Field: Parent__c). I want to query child case records from a parent case using an aggregate query. Below is the query I have used-

[SELECT Id, (SELECT Id,parent__c FROM Cases) FROM Case WHERE Id IN:SetIds ] 


However, this query is not returning anything in 'Cases' in spite of 'Child Relationship Name' for the field being 'Cases'. I know I am definitely missing something here. Hence request someone to please help me towards implementing my requirement.

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The Cases relationship uses the built in ParentId field. Since you're using a custom lookup field, you need to use the custom relationship name, likely Cases__r.

  • First Go to the Case Object and then Open Your Parent__c field.

  • Now you got the Relationship Name here.

  • Then follow below Query :

    SELECT Id, (SELECT Id, parent__c FROM RelationshipName__r) FROM Case WHERE Id IN:SetIds

NOTE : If you are Using Custom Lookup Field for relationship Query, You must append the "__c" at the last of RelationshipName. And If you are using Standard Lookup Field for Relationship Query then there is no need to use "__r".

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