I have problem with publisher actions. We just started using salesforce1 and I can't get my custom action appear on account screen. I enabled chatter and publishers actions. Enabled feed on accounts and contacts. Created a custom "add new contact" action for accounts, modified account page layout to display new custom action. Now I don't see it anywhere, not in slaesforce1, not on main UI. Please help!!!

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How many Account page layouts do you have, and if you use page layout assignments - are you sure you've modified the right one ;) If there are many actions in the publisher - maybe you need to hit the "more" button.

If you're using S1 on a device you might want to go to main menu and pull down to sync/refresh. But - especially in initial stages of development - it's best idea to go to /one/one.app in your browser (just don't treat this emulator as absolute truth, you should still test on real devices).


Do you have record types on the Contact object? If the viewing user doesn't have access to the record type, the action won't appear.

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