New-ish to Salesforce and need some assistance with a formula for a checkbox formula field.

The checkbox should NOT be checked when ownerid is 003435 or when ownerid is 003454. If the ownerid is anything but those two IDs, then check the box.


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    What have you tried? Where are you stuck? (Also, those ids are not valid Salesforce user Ids, so it's not clear what they are - possibly a custom field on the User object?) – David Reed Jul 21 at 22:58
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    If you're new to Salesforce formulas, the formula tutorials on Salesforce Trailhead is a great place to start, and also check the Salesforce / Dreamforce channels on Youtube for tutorial videos. – David Cheng Jul 22 at 0:50

The formula you're looking for on the checkbox field is,

AND(OwnerId  <> "003435",OwnerId  <> "003454")

But as David Reed points out in an earlier comment, these are not valid salesforce IDs. Update the formula with your actual userIDs in the org.

  • Thank you, that worked! I kept trying "IF" statements and didn't think about using "<>" – Jenna Odom Jul 22 at 14:33

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