I am trying to add the order number to an email subject and I don't know-how. Plus I am really new to the AMPscript world.

I want my email subject to be like: ''Your #OrderID is on the go''

for the moment I went here and choose the Data Extension and then the field that I wanted to be mapped

AMPscript in subjectline

Can you please advise?

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    And did it work?
    – zuzannamj
    Jul 21 at 16:40

I'd recommend adding an AMPscript block at beginning of your email body and setting the subject there:


var @subject
var @idCommanda
set @idCommanda = AttributeValue("idCommanda") /* check if this send context attribute has a value */

if not empty(@idCommanda) then
  set @subject = concat("Comanda ta #", @idCommanda, " fost expidiata")
  set @subject = concat("Comanda ta fost expidiata")


Then in the Subject field:

  • Works perfectly. Thank you so much. Jul 22 at 12:02

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