I am trying to delete all the email addresses from auto suppression list that are in there for more than x days.

I have reviewed the response to a similar issue here Remove subscribers from Auto Suppression List but I am receiving an error while initializing the auto suppression list

<script runat="server" type="text/javascript">
var today = new Date();
var prevDate = new Date();
      var masterDE = DataExtension.Init("External Key of Auto Suppression list");
     //var masterDE = DataExtension.Init("Name of Auto Suppression list"); //Tried passing the name as well
     var filter = {Property:"Date Added",SimpleOperator:"lessThanOrEqual",Value:prevDate};
     var data = masterDE.Rows.Retrieve(filter);
     var recordCount = data.length;
       for (var i=0; i < recordCount; i++) {
       var email = data[i].[Email Address];
       var rowDelete = Platform.Function.DeleteData('Name of Auto Suppression list',['Email Address'],[email]);
     }while (recordCount > 0);
    }catch (e) {
    Write("\nError Message: " + Stringify(e.message));

The script works fine When I use any exiting data extension's "External Key" while initializing but throws 500 error when using auto suppression's external key. I am running the script in cloud page.

Since auto suppression list is a Data Extension, we should be able to initialize it.

Can someone please advise.

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