I'm creating a record in lightning record-edit -form then in the handle success of my parent component i'm calling a child component to edit some fields of that record and passing the recordId of the first parent component to edit that record , but it's creating two records not editing the parent record rather it creates a new record with child component values.

in the handleSubmit1 of my child component i'm getting recordId as undefined but in handlesuccess of child component , recordid is present .

i'm passing the recordId from parent to child @api but still not sure , why it's not editing the Parent component record record.

HTML of parent component
<c-acess-form record-id={recordId}></c-acess-formm>
<lightning-button class="slds-m-top_small slds-float_right"  variant="brand" type="submit" label="submit" onclick={handleSubmit}> 

handle Success of parent component

    const event2 = new ShowToastEvent({
         title: 'Case Created',
         message: 'Case Created Successfully'+this.recordId,
     .forEach((el) => {

HTML of child component

<lightning-record-edit-form record-id={recordId} object-api-name ="Case" onsuccess={handleSuccess} onerror={handleError}>

Js of child component

 @api handleSubmit1(){


In the child component, do you have a @api recordId outside of all the functions? When you pass a property from parent to child (<c-acess-form record-id={recordId}></c-acess-formm>) You have to set a property in the child towards the top of the file named @api recordId

  • Yup , I have the @api recordId at child component . That’s why I find it strange that why it’s not updating the records
    – Soumi
    Jul 17 at 18:39
  • Remove the component from the page and readd it, sometimes when adding @api variables, you have to readd the component
    – Dylan Cadd
    Jul 17 at 18:52
  • I didn’t get it . Read it means ?
    – Soumi
    Jul 17 at 19:02
  • Re add it to the page
    – Dylan Cadd
    Jul 18 at 0:14
  • Yup tried that as well , didn't help . Seems like recordId for lightning-edit-form can be passed from putting the component in Recordlayout for editing , not passing that from a parent component .
    – Soumi
    Jul 18 at 13:08

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