If you try to delete an active flexipage from the cli, you'll get the following error:

You can't delete an active Lightning page. Open the page in Lightning App Builder and click Activation to deactivate it. : Edit page in Lightning App Builder

Has anyone found a way to accomplish this via the command line?

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  • No, if you've set it as a default for an App or Org
  • Yes, if you've only assigned the page based on app, record type, and profile.

The caveat above is because as soon you have a lightning page that is assigned as an org or app default, you have no mechanism in the Metadata API to remove it.

This is highlighted in the CustomApplication metadata under type

Required. Represents the type of action override. The valid values are Flexipage and Default. A Flexipage AppActionOverride set to App Default can’t be deleted via Metadata API. Instead, remove the override using the page assignment wizard in the Lightning App Builder UI.

Clicking on the Activation button provides the interface for removing the assignments for the Flexipage that live on other metadata types (Custom Object & Custom Application) when it's set as default.

If it's not set as default, you can just run the delete against the Flexipage (even if it has app -> record type -> profile assignments).

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