I am building a basic public page form on the salesforce communities, creating a 'Property lead' record in our org. By giving edit access to 'Guest User' I can create the records with no problems. I want to check if this lead was already processed earlier and converted to a 'Property' record, but I don't want to give read access on the 'Property' object to the 'Guest User'. I was suggested to use the flow (especially 'auto launched flows') as they run under the system context.

Here is my Flow:

Record Triggered Flow

Now after the creation of the 'Property Lead' record the flow is firing but not doing the intended update on the 'Property Lead' record if a matching 'Property' record is found.

Here is the finest debug log set on the 'Guest User': Finest Debug Logs

As far as I know, the flow is not failing otherwise I would have received a failure email. Is there a way to see the detailed steps happening in the flow and why it is not working?

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In terms of Flow exceptions, it sends to whoever is designated under the Process Automation Settings

Setup --> Process Automation Settings --> Send Process or Flow Error Email to

Your two choices are

  • User Who Last Modified the Process or Flow
  • Apex Exception Email Recipients

I would double check it hasn't been sending to someone else.

In terms of debugging, Summer '21 provided debug Record-Triggered Flows (only in non-production orgs). It allows you to do the following

  • Run as another user - Setup --> Process Automation Settings --> Let Admins debug flows as other users
  • See the highlighted path of where the execution went within your flow
  • Get detailed debug details on the right sidebar
  • Show Governor Limit Consumption
  • Show Transaction Boundaries

When you debug, you can select a record to initiate the flow (for example, the Property Lead record that didn't work as expected) and it'll highlight the path it went down and provide the debug details on the right side you're interested in.

enter image description here

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    Thanks for the answer. After changing the 'Let Admins debug flows as other users' to true and debugging the flow under guest user context I was able to pinpoint the problem in the flow. Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 14:47

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