The Contact object has a field called "Name", the field is apparently composed of three other fields, "Salutation", "First Name" and "Last Name", which don't show at all under Contacts > Fields & Relationships in the Object Manager (Technically, they do show in the classic version albeit they can't be modified as far as I know.

They also appear in the field reference.

How should I be able to tell this is how it works? I frankly found out by sheer luck while trying to make an API call for lastName, which I didn't expect to work. I assume there ought to be some place in Lightning Experience I can look into to find things like API handles for those records, am I just not seeing it?

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This may be of help - Salesforce Object Reference for Contact


Type string

Properties Filter, Group, Sort

Description Concatenation of FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, and Suffix up to 203 characters, including whitespaces.

Note that the field is not createable.

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