I'm using the new MobileSync in my app. Below you could see my podfile.

Uncomment the next line to define a global

platform for your project platform :ios, '13.0' target 'MyApp' do

   # Comment the next line if you don't want to use dynamic frameworks

   source 'https://github.com/forcedotcom/SalesforceMobileSDK-iOS-Specs.git'
   source 'https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git'


   # Pods for MyApp

   pod 'MobileSync'


Once I log out from SalesForceSDK, Again I'll have to open the SalesForceSDK Login screen. But Unable to open the SalesForceSDK Login screen After Logging out. Here giving my console details.

2021-07-11 00:04:33.710350+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323][SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFUserAccountManager Logging out user 'xxxxxxx@gmail.com'.

2021-07-11 00:04:33.725606+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323][SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFOAuthKeychainCredentials SFOAuthKeychainCredentials:revokeAccessToken: access token revoked

2021-07-11 00:04:33.737526+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323][SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFOAuthKeychainCredentials SFOAuthKeychainCredentials:revokeRefreshToken: refresh token revoked. Cleared identityUrl, instanceUrl, issuedAt fields

2021-07-11 00:04:33.739295+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] [SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFOAuthKeychainCredentials SFOAuthKeychainCredentials:setIdentityUrl: invalid or nil identityUrl: (null)

2021-07-11 00:04:33.746165+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323][SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFOAuthKeychainCredentials SFOAuthKeychainCredentials:setIdentityUrl: invalid or nil identityUrl: (null)

2021-07-11 00:04:33.754607+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] [SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFSecurityLockout Resetting passcode.

2021-07-11 00:04:33.755609+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323][SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFSDKWebViewStateManager [SFSDKWebViewStateManager setSharedProcessPool:]: changing from process pool <WKProcessPool: 0x7fb7b1c59cf0; configuration = <_WKProcessPoolConfiguration: 0x600003064840>> to (null)

2021-07-11 00:04:33.759697+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] [SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFSecurityLockout App requested passcode screen cancel. Screen is not displayed.

2021-07-11 00:04:33.824328+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] [SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFOAuthCoordinator authenticate authenticating as 3MXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX without refresh token on 'https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-retail.XXXXXX.force.com/MyApp ...

2021-07-11 00:04:33.830049+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] [SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFSDKAuthConfigUtil getMyDomainAuthConfig:loginDomain: Advanced authentication configured. Retrieving auth configuration from https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-retail.XXXXXX.force.com/MyApp/.well-known/auth-configuration

2021-07-11 00:04:34.421281+0530 MyApp[69622:3036404] [SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFSDKAuthConfigUtil Successfully retrieved org auth config data from https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-retail.XXXXXX.force.com/MyApp/.well-known/auth-configuration

2021-07-11 00:04:34.422353+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] [SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFOAuthCoordinator loadWebViewWithUrlString:cookie: Loadi https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-retail.XXXXXX.force.com/MyApp/services/oauth2/authorize?client_id=3MXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&redirect_uri=testsfdc:///mobilesdk/detect/oauth/done&display=touch&device_id=8C9D7D45-06DF-4081-B47E-XXXXXXXXXXXX&response_type=hybrid_token&scope=web%20api%20refresh_token

2021-07-11 00:04:34.422603+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] [SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFSDKWebViewStateManager [SFSDKWebViewStateManager sharedProcessPool]: No process pool exists. Creating new instance.

2021-07-11 00:04:34.430200+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] WF: _userSettingsForUser : (null)

2021-07-11 00:04:34.430350+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] WF: _WebFilterIsActive returning: NO

2021-07-11 00:04:34.596787+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] [SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFOAuthCoordinator webView:didStartProvisionalNavigation: host=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-retail.XXXXXX.force.com : path=/MyApp/services/oauth2/authorize

2021-07-11 00:04:35.461155+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] Unbalanced calls to begin/end appearance transitions for <SFSDKRootController: 0x7fb7b1c682d0>.

2021-07-11 00:04:35.462132+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323][SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFOAuthCoordinator webView:didStartProvisionalNavigation: host=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-retail.XXXXXX.force.com : path=/MyApp/login

2021-07-11 00:04:48.047567+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] Could not signal service com.apple.WebKit.WebContent: 113: Could not find specified service

Any help is more valuable. Thanks in advance.


@Sreekanth G I am answering your question based on the Salesforce for iOS connected app that i had fixed earlier. I would check the OAuth Policies section on your ConnectedApp and assess your OAuth settings.

enter image description here

Also after a glance through your console output, i want to make sure you are not performing OAuth loop ending in user lockout:

2021-07-11 00:04:33.754607+0530 MyApp[69622:3035323] [SalesforceSDKCore] CLASS: SFSecurityLockout Resetting passcode.

Also look at below links if they help determine:

Let me know if the above information helps!

  • thanks for the help. Using old pods is working well. I can able to do login and log out many times. Below are my old pods """""""" pod 'SalesforceAnalytics', :path => 'myPath' pod 'SalesforceSDKCore', :path => 'myPath' pod 'SmartSync', :path => 'myPath' pod 'SalesforceSwiftSDK', :path => 'myPath' pod 'PromiseKit', :git => 'github.com/mxcl/PromiseKit', :tag => '5.0.3'. """"""" Not working in If use pod 'MobileSync' Jul 18 at 16:07
  • any update on above my pod? is it right? what should I do? Sep 22 at 13:50

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