I Salesforce Sites set up on a sandbox org. I'm trying to create an Event to be added to a specific user's calendar when a Guest user clicks Save on the public Visualforce page below.

enter image description here The page's custom controller:

public class MyEventController {
  public MyEventController() {

  public Datetime AppointmentDate { get; set; }

  public Pagereference Save() {
    Event event = new Event(Subject = 'New Event');
    event.Type = 'Meeting';
    event.Location = '123 main st';
    event.StartDateTime = this.AppointmentDate;
    event.EndDateTime = this.AppointmentDate; 
    insert event;
    return null;

Currently, when the Site Guest User clicks Save, the event shows on the System Administrator's calendar.

How can the event be inserted to another, specific user's calendar?

Thank you

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Change the OwnerId to the user you wish to assign it to.

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