I have a report where there is a status of the lead. I want to see how many leads have the status of scheduled as a percentage of all leads in a report.

I've never done this before and can't figure out how to even start.

RowCount/PARENTGROUPVAL(RowCount, STATUS == "Scheduled")

Is this even possible?

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You can do the following if you're able to group your rows (maybe by owner, for reporting on sales moving leads to a certain status).

  1. Create a number row-level formula that denotes whether your criteria (where) is met. If it is met, give it a 1 (for counting).

  1. Create a Summary Formula column as a percentage. Use the left sidebar to insert your field you created above (ex. CDF1:SUM)
{insert row-level formula created above} / RowCount

This should give you a percentage of how many records meet your criteria in a given report by Lead owner (or other grouped field)

enter image description here

If you're not able to group it by some sort of field, you'd be left with just step 1 (and a sum of all leads that meet your criteria). You can easily take the sum of the row-level formula and compare with the amount of total records in the report as highlighted below:

enter image description here

  • explained amazingly, thank you.
    – prospector
    Jul 8, 2021 at 20:29

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