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How to add an action inside the yellow box? Is this something that can be done or not?


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It is not something that can be done. The Actions in Lightning Experience mention the following

List view items support only specific standard actions, like Edit, Delete, or Change Owner.

What you are able to change, is the List View actions themselves (buttons at top right of list view)

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Custom buttons, list view actions, and certain standard buttons are supported on all list views, except Recently Viewed. To have a custom button appear on a list view, add the button to the object’s List View search layout.

You can create a Quick Action with an action type of Update Record. That will update whatever records you select in your given list view.

If you need more complex processing/logic, you can also look at examples of passing selected record(s) in the list view to a button that calls a flow or a VF page.

In terms of adding your Quick Action or custom button, you add it to the available buttons for list view within the object.

Setup --> Object Manager --> your object --> Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic --> Edit "List View" layout

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