I'm trying to set up Journey Builder in following way. There will be some email activities and I should have a delivery window but based on a current day of a week. From monday to thursday emails can be sent between 8AM - 9 PM. From friday to sunday emails can be sent between 10AM - 4 PM.

I know there is 'Delivery Window' feature under Delivery Options in Email activity but can it be configured like I described?


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You can create a Decision Split in the Journey before each Email Activity that would send contacts in either Mon-Thu or Fri-Sun path by the attribute value from assisting Data Extension that is going to be populated once per day via SQL that would have something like -

DATENAME(WEEKDAY, GETDATE()) AS TodayDate /*it will return full day name, e.g. Thursday*/
FROM [DE_Name]

Remember that you would need to create an Attribute Group with that assisting Data Extension in order to use in the Decision Split.

Then you can add Email Activity into each path and set Send Throttling setting with the correct Delivery Window time (if you do not see these settings in Delivery Options then navigate to Setup --> Feature Settings --> Email Studio --> Email Optional Feature --> Enable Send Throttling).

There are also options when you can play with Wait By Attribute Activity or Wait Until Date Activity or simple Wait by Duration Activity once the audience is split into 2 batches.

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