I want to replicate the "New" action on Opportunity object in a custom action. On Opportunity object i have several record types. Is it possible via a flow to get the available for the user record types and show them to the user in a screen component (radio button component). Or do i need to create a custom component to show available record types for the user and handle the record type selection? From what i have seen, i can only use the recordChoiceSet that selects all record types... but i want the record types available to the user according to his profile settings. Has anyone found a solution to that to avoid the effort of customization?

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There is nothing out of the box within Flow to accomplish this.

In terms of the custom customizations needed - there's examples online that can help. This answer goes over how to get the available record types in Apex. There's, similarly, this source code from unofficialsf that can be specifically combined with a custom component from there called quickchoice which displays information in a picklist/radio button.


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