I have installed a managed package for an org under my user, but would like to transfer the owner of scheduled jobs to the admin. In order to do this I will need to delete the existing jobs and create new ones.

However I am unable to find the apex class for the scheduled job when creating a new job when scheduling a new apex job under apex classes; it simply does not show when selecting an apex class to schedule. Are there any permissions I need to consider scheduling an apex job with an apex class from a managed package? I am the system administrator.


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You can only schedule managed package classes yourself that the package's developers have set as global. If they are not global you cannot see them.

If these are not global, which is what it sounds like, the managed package developers may have provided you with another API through which you can request this code to be scheduled. Check their documentation.

If their package includes an post-install script that itself is global you might be able to manually run this, constructing it with a null install context, but that rather supposes they wrote it in a way that would allow you to do this (using anonymous Apex). I'm assuming it's the post-install script that actually creates the scheduled jobs otherwise.

A final option would be to grant them "support" access, via your admin account, and have them do this scheduling for you.

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