I am using below markup

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 <lightning:progressIndicator currentStep="step-4" type='path' variant='non-linear' >
        <lightning:progressStep  label="Step 1" value="step-1" onclick='{!c.termsCondi}'/>
        <lightning:progressStep label="STep 2" value="step-2" onclick='{!c.custDets}'/>
        <lightning:progressStep label="Step 3" value="step-3" onclick='{!c.bankDets}'/>
            <lightning:progressStep label="Step 4" value="step-4" onclick='{!c.empDets}'/>
        <lightning:progressStep label="Step 5 " value="step-5" onclick='{!c.incomeDets}'/>

instead of tick mark, I need to get the label shown without hovering over the stage

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You can't use the standard component and get that behavior, as it is designed after the Path element in SLDS. If you want different behavior, you'll have to write your own component. I've actually written a custom path component before (as in, before it was a standard component), so I'll leave you with my source code. Please feel free to modify it to meet your needs.

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