Do you know if possible to identify those in specific team roles via a lookup on an object?

Specifically, I would like to show what Team Role the user has that a record has been assigned to on a list view or report level.

On a list view level this does not seem possible so far. On reporting, this also seems only impossible out of the box.


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Out of the box, no. When creating a lookup field, you get a dropdown of all objects you can select and the roles you've defined for your Account/Opportunity teams is not available for selection.

The reason for this is that SalesTeamRole is not an object itself. It's a standard picklist that is used on the junction objects between Account/Opportunity and User

In terms of reports, you could get what you want if you're talking about an object related to the teams (Account or Opportunity). You can use the Account with Account Teams report which displays all team members for a given account. Then, you can leverage row-level formulas to match which team member equals the owner of the given account to remove the other team members from the report.

  1. Create a report using "Account with Account Teams"
  2. Create a Row-Level formula IF(ACCOUNT_OWNER_NAME == MEMBER_NAME, "Same", "")
  3. Add a filter on the report using the row-level formula above so only team members who are the owner of the account show up
  4. Add Team Role as a column

This won't work with custom objects. With that, you're left with doing custom automation on a custom field (text) to stamp the team role. Depending on your org/context, you could do a scheduled flow/apex or just use apex/record-triggered flows to run on insert and when the owner is updated.

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