I am trying to get the hour and date of the user's local timezone by using the below code.

now = Datetime.now();
offset = UserInfo.getTimezone().getOffset(now);
local = now.addSeconds(offset/1000);
hourNow = local.hour();
todayDate = local.date();

For example, my timezone is IST, and hence the third line of the code, that is the DateTime variable local has the following value 2021-07-05 21:00:20

But when I try to get the hour and date values from the variable local using the hour() and date() function on the 4th and 5th lines I am receiving the wrong values.

For hour() that is variable hourNow I am receiving 2 instead of 21, and for date() that is variable todayDate I am receiving 2021-07-06 00:00:00 instead of 2021-07-05 00:00:00

Can anyone please let me know what am I doing wrong here, and why am I receiving these wrong values?


.hour() and .date() functions show time in user local time zone already, so you do not need to add offset to now variable.

now = Datetime.now();
hourNow = now.hour();
todayDate = now.date();
  • That worked, I wasn't aware of this! thank you! Jul 5 '21 at 16:02

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