I have an email template which I need to build using many information , so I have used apex component

<c:EmailTemplateComp ObjectID="{!relatedTo.Id}" show_url="false"></c:ATEmailTemplate_FirstName> 

and in the controller Im making a web service call out.

When I send the Email using Messaging.sendEmail it throws the error

Programmer Error: transaction committed or rolled back while performing api operation: SendEmail

but if the remove the web service call out the email is sent successfully. Question : Is it not allowed to do a web service call out in apex component controller?

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You can't perform a callout after DML, which Messaging.sendEmail performs. As a workaround, use Messaging.renderStoredEmailTemplate to first render the text (which can include the callout), and then perform sendEmail using the resulting output. You can perform a callout while sending an email, but the callout must be done first to avoid this error.

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