I'm trying to add some picklist values from a field but all picklist values are not adding.Kindly please check the condition once and any ideas please share .

Rule Criteria:

Case: Status EQUALS Closed AND Case: Case Record Type EQUALS(adding 17 picklist values) but only few are adding to the condition from record type field.

I can able to select 17 picklist values but after saving the workflow rule only few values are adding to the condition.

Thanks, Raghu

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When you click on the lens icon, it allows you to select all the picklist values but since the field(where selected values get populated) is a text field, it has the number of characters limit and it automatically truncates the additional characters.

You have to select a few options at a time and the same condition to be added again to select the remaining options combined with an OR condition say Case Record Type EQUALS Test1,Test2,Test3,Test4,Test5 OR Case Record Type EQUALS Test6,Test7,Test8,Test9 and so on.

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