I would like to pull the Profile attribute from all subscribers (First Name, Last Name) and add it in Data Extension. I tried querying _EnterpriseAttribute, however, it works only with Enterprise 2.0 account. My SFMC instance has a corporate edition. Currently using _subscribers data view, I'm only able to pull Email Address and Subscriber Key. Is there any other way to pull profile attributes?

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    Edition != Account type. YOu can have a Corporate edition on an ENT 2.0 account type. The _EA dataview exists only at the top level. where you querying this there?
    – EazyE
    Jun 30 '21 at 21:23

You should use _Subscribers and _EnterpriseAttribute Data Views together and run the query from the parent Business Unit:

ea.[First Name],
ea.[Last Name] 
FROM _Subscribers sub
LEFT JOIN _EnterpriseAttribute ea on sub.SubscriberID = ea._SubscriberID

If that really does not return any results in your case, you can always try to:

  1. Use Tracking Data Extract Activity in the Automation Studio where you would choose to extract attributes with all subscribers and then import them back to SFMC from SFTP;
  2. Or open a ticket with SF Support to ask them to export All Subscriber with attributes into Data Extension, which could be then normally queried.

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