I am trying to update a picklist field value from my automation framework and I am just unable to. Does anyone know why?

C:/QA/sfdx/bin/sfdx.cmd force:data:record:update -s Cycle__c -i a0Q5Y00000VL7k6UAD -v "Status__c=Completed" -u qaOrg

I know the above script is right. Status__c is a picklist field. It may currently hold the value, 'In Progress' and I want to update it to 'Completed', but I can't. The response is null.

I have similar scripts to update text fields and it works fine.

  • Does the object have record types where maybe that picklist is not added to that record type? Have you tried setting a log level (--loglevel debug) and checking the logs in $HOME/.sfdx/sfdx.log Jun 30 at 14:22

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