I have this scenario right now where I'm coding a cloud page form with SSJS right now (I'm a bit of a noob at this) and the basic functionality is:

-Create data extensions automatically when form submitted (I get this part), and then automatically place data extensions in their respective folders- the folders would be dynamic according to their month:

So the folder structure would look like this
-Subscription Name

So it would look something like this: Subscription_1>2021>June

I was originally thinking I could leverage wsproxy to lookup by name, but it seems if I've got duplicate folder names (i.e. June is going to be a folder name in every Subscription Folder for this month) there isn't a way to specifically point at a folder path so that I could get that folder id- does anyone know if it's possible?

The other way I was thinking would be a bit more labour intensive and not as automated, but pre-creating the folders for the year, grabbing those IDs manually and hard-coding it into the SSJS based on the month + year- we've got 10 lines of business though- I'd prefer that I didn't have to do this 120 times.


I would not consider that full answer, since the whole answer would require quite a bit of effort. Yet, here is the idea of how you can proceed:

  1. You are already dynamically creating a Data Extension
  2. Create dynamically folder path based on the ParentFolderID
  3. Retrieve CategoryID (=FolderID) via API call done with SSJS, then parse the response body for the needed ID
  4. Use parsed ID to move new Data Extension into it

As a reference you can use those sources:

SSJS Activities: Create Folder path

How to get category (folder) Id of SSJS activities

SSJS Activities : Move Data Extentions in a Folder

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