Hi so i am trying to authorize the my org in vscode using the below documentation


but it gives error while using this command

sfdx force:source:deploy --sourcepath <source-dir> --targetusername <access-token>

on the place of <source-dir> i am adding localpath of my project and in place of <access-token> , i am adding access token but it return an error event not found

  • If its not working with SFDX, you can try native way help.salesforce.com/… With this you can use above link to login and then use sfdx force:auth:web:login to connect with user name and password. Then you need not to worry abt sessionid
    – Ysr Shk
    Jun 30 at 5:00
  • Is there a reason you're trying to use access token, instead of just authorizing a user as @YsrShk suggests?
    – pchittum
    Jun 30 at 14:18
  • obviously there is a reason why i am authorizing vs code using session id, as i dont have login credentials and i just work on clients project using session id only Jul 1 at 6:35
  • @MohammedsaeedBaig - in that case try one thing, try to ask client to login on his system using below command - sfdx force:org:display -verbose and it generates a URL(SFDX AUTH URL), which you can store in a txt file and login like this - sfdx auth:sfdxurl:store -f <path-to-sfdxAuthUrl-txt-file> -s -a MyDefaultOrg
    – Ysr Shk
    Jul 1 at 9:44

A command was recently added to the Salesforce Extension pack to authorize an org using a session ID. Look for 'SFDX: Authorize an Org using Session ID' from the command palette.

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