Good day, friends! I have created DE in my BU (this is child BU). I can see it, it is available, I can add rows into it. But when I tried to use it in the script, it returns null rows. When I try:

var testDE = DataExtension.Init("DEname");
var data = testDE.Rows.Retrieve();
if (data.length > 0) {
      Write("The Value " + Stringify(data));
    } else {
      Write("No Rows Found");

And it returns "No Rows Found" What can be the problem? Thank you in advance.


You are pasting into var testDE = DataExtension.Init("..."); Data Extension's Name, however you need to paste there External Key. So you can either adjust the code to have External Key instead of Name there or make the External Key = Name of the Data Extension.

Read here more.

  • Thank you so much! You really helped me! Jun 27 at 21:25

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