I currently have a custom list view LWC that displays a list of custom objects and its fields. I want to have a hyperlink on a specific field that takes the user to the record page.

So, the html for the datatable looks like this:

<lightning-datatable key-field="Id" data={data} columns={columns}>
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I don't know what particular field you are wanting to use to link to the record, but you need two thinks for a link in a datatable -

  • A URL Name
  • A URL Link

You need to add these after you get your results from the server.

Here is one example:

  getData({param: yourparam})
  .then(result => {
    let resultList = [];
    result.forEach(r => {
      let record = { ...r };
      //here is the important bit - generating yourUrl and yourUrlName
      record.yourUrl = `/lightning/r/<yoursobjectname>/${r.Id}/view`;
      record.yourUrlName = r.Name;
    this.itemsForCurrentView = resultList;
  .catch(error => {//log error });

Then in your column definition, you need to reference these values to generate the url link in your table.

columns = 
...other columns
  label: 'Record Link',
  sortable: true,
  fieldName: 'yourUrl',
  type: 'url',
  typeAttributes: { label: { fieldName: 'yourUrlName' }, target: '_blank' }

One reason NOT to use the NavigationMixin is that you can't right click on the record and open in a new tab.

Which is endlessly frustrating for users.

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    Thank you! This is very helpful!
    – Lia
    Jun 22, 2021 at 20:19

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