In the OAuth 2.0 SAML Bearer Assertion Flow for Previously Authorized Apps, what is the issuer supposed to be?

I am trying to connect to orgs that have single sign on working. I have followed this example code.

Using the issuer as the issuer from the connected app - e.g. https://mydomain.my.salesforce.com - leads to this error: {"error":"invalid_client_id","error_description":"client identifier invalid"} with a corresponding error in the login history of the org I am trying to connect to (Failed: Missing Consumer Key Parameter)

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    Issuer is the connected app's client id (aka consumer key) - the doc you reference does say this.
    – identigral
    Jun 22, 2021 at 2:24

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As per the same doc, Issuer is the value of the connected app’s OAuth client_id for which the developer registered their certificate.

Issuer refers to the Entity Id of your identity provider, it is a URL that uniquely identifies your SAML identity provider. SAML assertions sent to Salesforce must match this value exactly in the attribute of SAML assertions.


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