We are adding personalization to our subject lines in SFMC. This is currently the code we use to pull their first name into the subject line:

%%[ set @billingFirstName = ProperCase([billingFirstName]) ]%% %%=v(@billingFirstName)=%%

How can I set a default value if there isn't a billingFirstName in our data?


I'd recommend adding this AMPscript in the body of your email (or better in an init code-resource template slot) and then referring to the variable in the subject line:


set @billingFirstName = AttributeValue("billingFirstName") 
set @subject = "Welcome to the Club!" /* default subject */

/* personlize SL if billing name exists */
if not empty(@billingFirstName) then
  set @subject = concat("Welcome to the Club, ", properCase(@billingFirstName), "!")




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