I have to change an attribute of a JSON object. Ex.

allOppList= [[{"A":"2051-11-21","B":"FLOAT"}]]

I have to change the B to "xyz" in the JS file.

I am doing by below code but I am not able to update the B element

let tempAllRecords = Object.assign([], this.allOppList);
        for (let j = 0; j < this.allOppList.length; j++) {
                let tempRec = Object.assign({}, tempAllRecords[j]);
                tempRec.B = event.detail.checked;
                tempAllRecords[j] = tempRec;
        this.allOppList = tempAllRecords;

in this way, "B" of allOppList is not getting updated. Instead, it is getting updated like below

allOppList= [[{"A":"2051-11-21","B":"FLOAT"},"B":"New value"]]
  • You have nested arrays, you will need two nested for loops, and you can do this in the inner for loop. – Rahul Gawale Jun 21 at 14:15

As a performance matter, do not use for-index loops in LWC within Salesforce, or you'll suffer extreme performance penalties. You do have a nested loop, so the best way to do this is a nested map operation:

let tempAllRecords = this.allOppList.map(
  innerList => innerList.map(
    innerItem => ({ ...innerItem, B: event.detail.checked })
  • thanks! but getting [e.map is not a function] error – Babu Jun 21 at 15:05
  • @Babu make sure you have an actual list first. You'd get this error if this.allOppList were a String or something else. You may need JSON.parse before you operate on the value if it is an actual JSON string. – sfdcfox Jun 21 at 15:08
  • even after parsing the json I am getting [s.map is not a function] error. let tempData4=JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(this.allOppList[0])); console.log('tempData4>>>>>>>>>>>>'+tempData4); let tempData3 = tempData4.map( innerList => innerList.map( innerItem => ({ ...innerItem, noSeats : chnagedNoSeats }) ) ); – Babu Jun 21 at 15:36

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