My user has the System Administrator profile. When I go to Object Manager > Task > Fields and Relationships I can only see standard fields, but not any of the custom fields that this object has, and when I perform a retrieve of the object's metadata using ANT, I can't retrieve any of its custom fields either.

This is the FLS of the Task object for the System Admin profile. All the fields are visible and editable:

Field level security of Task object

And the profile also has granted the "View All" and "Modify All" permissions, which according to documentation should give me full access to all the standard objects like this one.

I can also see the custom fields from the developer console when I open Task.obj, but I cannot access these fields from ANT or from Fields and Relationships.

Any idea why is this happening? Thank you very much for the help

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Custom fields for the Task object are managed in the Activity object in Setup > Object Manager. Note that custom fields for Event are also managed in the Activity object.

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