Im trying to use the instanceof keyword in a visualforce template. I would like to pull the MobilePhone field from the Related Owner record. This works when accessed in apex but is not working in the visualforce expression.

VF Page:

<messaging:emailTemplate subject="request {!relatedTo.Contact__r.Name}" recipientType="Contact" relatedToType="Reference_Request__c">
    <messaging:htmlEmailBody >
    <c:RGComponent refRefId="{!relatedTo.Id}" />

<apex:component access="global" controller="RGController">
    <apex:attribute name="refRefId" type="String" description="This is the Id of the account" assignTo="{!ref}" access="global" />
    <table class="table" width="50%" align="left">
        <tr valign="top"><td>Account Name:</td> <td>{!ref.Account__r.Name}</td></tr>
<tr><td>Request owner phone number:</td><td>{!ref.Owner.Phone}</td></tr>
        <tr valign="top"><td>Owner Mobile Phone</td> <td>{!IF((referenceReq.Owner instanceof User), referenceReq.Owner.MobilePhone, '')}"</td></tr>

public class RGController {
    public String ref{get;set;}
    public Reference_Request__c referenceReq{
    get {
            referenceReq = [Select Id, Contact__r.email,Contact__r.Name,Account__r.Name
            TYPEOF Owner WHEN User THEN Id, Name, Email,Phone,MobilePhone WHEN Group THEN Id,Name ELSE Id,Name END
            from Reference_Request__c WHERE Owner.Type = 'User' limit 1];
            return referenceReq; 
  1. {!ref.Owner.Phone} - works fine
  2. {!IF((referenceReq.Owner instanceof User), referenceReq.Owner.MobilePhone, '')} - Does NOT Work.

anyone on here tried something similar and got it working?

the below works fine in apex but when im trying to use a similar function in VF it does not work.

List<Reference_Request__c> reqlist = [SELECT Id, Contact__r.Name, 
WHEN User THEN Id, Name, MobilePhone
WHEN Group THEN Id,Name
ELSE Id,Name
FROM Reference_Request__c WHERE Owner.Type = 'User'];

for (Reference_Request__c r: reqlist) {
    if (r.Owner instanceof User) {
        User u = r.Owner;
        System.debug('User:=>'+ r.Id + ':'+ u.Name +' : '+ u.MobilePhone);

instanceOf is strictly an Apex language feature. You can't use it in Visualforce. Owner is a Name object, so you can use the Type field:

  • Thanks for your reply. that did it!
    – roy
    Jun 18 at 19:48

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