i have below piece of code :

<apex:selectRadio value="{!ProWrap.strActionValue}" disabled="{!ProWrap.disableaction}" >
                           <apex:actionSupport  event="onchange" 
                <apex:param name="recordClicked" value="{!ProWrap.postShipTransactionlogObj.giic_SourceSalesOrder__c}" assignTo="{!recordClicked}" />
                <apex:param name="valueSelected" value="{!ProWrap.strActionValue}" assignTo="{!valueSelected}" />

                    </apex:actionSupport >

My intention is to pass the selected radio button value in apex. But with this code, valueSelected is always blank. while i debug, i analyzed that the value of valueSelected is populated on return trip from Apex. I.e.

  1. First user click on radio button
  2. Apex is called, at this time the parameter valueSelected is blank.
  3. Flow comes back to Visualforce. At this time value of ValueSelected is populated.

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