We have a SendLog DE to which the data gets logged for all of the emails (triggered + user initiated). But I wish to create another sendlog DE only for one of the triggered send. Is it possible to have 2 sendlogs for one of the triggered send?

Also how can I take the the ampscript data from email into the Sendlog at the time of the send?


There is a limit of only one Data Extension to be created using the SendLog DE


But for triggered send, you can have a Triggered Send Data Extension, there is no limit on the number of those.


For logging ampscript variables in the SendLog, just add a field to the send log with the exact name of the variable (but without the @ sign and it will log those variables automatically, eg. if you want to log a variable called @couponCode, add couponCode to the SendLog.

  • + For AMPScript personalisation stings, omit the leading underscore. "_EmailName" -> "EmailName" in your SendLog DE. You can have multiple SendLogs - one for each Business Unit. You can't have multiple SendLogs in the same BU. "Enterprise Send Logging" (Support Request) allows only one SendLog in the entire account - all BUs log to the same table (very useful).
    – Macca
    Jun 18 at 14:53
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