I haven't queried data from the _Subscribers data view before and faced with that issue. Please correct me if I did something in a wrong way.

At first, I created a temporary data extension with these fields:
SubscriberKey - Text - 254 - nullable
EmailAddress - EmailAddress - 254- nullable
Status - Text - 50 - nullable

A SQL query was created also and targeted to the temporary data extension above. The SQL looks like this:

FROM _Subscribers
WHERE SubscriberKey = '003O000001TzbzvIAB'

And run once. There is nothing returned into the data extension. I tried to remove the line WHERE SubscriberKey = '003O000001TzbzvIAB', it returned 825 results into the data extension.

I also double checked in All subscribers list/Search/Subscriber Key is equal to 003O000001TzbzvIAB and and still found the subscriber.

(Note: I did the query from a Dev Business Unit)


  • 1
    Are you able to try again with ENT._Subscribers in the query? Jun 16 at 4:36
  • You are right. ENT._Subscribers is the proper way to query. I have checked the document, it seems Data views only stored records in current 6 months
    – duyduc27
    Jun 16 at 4:47
  • 2
    The 6 month limitation is only on the views around transient or activity data (Clicks, Bounces, Opens, etc) views like Subscribers contain all relevant subscribers in the account. Jun 16 at 13:41

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