My domain registry NR (netregistry.com.au) supports CNAME records for my www."mydomain".com subdomain. A and CNAME records are confirmed as propagated via https://www.whatsmydns.net/ and show they point to my Heroku DNS target as expected. For the root domain, NS records are also valid.

From any browser (on windows/mac/chrome/ff/safari etc) the site will not load - incognito or not. I have confirmed NR don't support ALIAS records for my root domain but for Heroku I do not need this correct? Any browser hitting www."mydomain".com should still work with the CNAME record alone?

My problem is that I have a free Heroku app so no support, yet I'd like to confirm from the Heroku side if my domain is 'working' and should be accepting traffic. How do I do this?

NR support suggest my domain entries look OK, and to ask Heroku - which I can't directly. Any suggestions or possible solutions to resolve this? Or any tools that will resolve what the issues are ('dig' is silent about my domain). Thanks.

UPDATE: using VPN I set my location to Houston, USA. The site now loads. My Heroku app region is 'USA', how does this restrict access from my domain registry region?

  • There have been some SSL changes recently in Heroku with ACM. Not sure if that is impacting you.
    – manjit5190
    Jun 14 at 8:37

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