I want to send an email to a user when Event End Date is reached. I have created 2 TBWF rules, one triggering 0 Hours After "Event End Date" and another 0 Hours After "Event End", and neither is firing.

First off, anyone knows why there are 2 different fields for End Date in the Time Trigger dropdown?

2 Event End Dates

Continuing on - the criteria for both rules is the same: on create or edit of Event, when Custom_Field = 'Scheduled'. I have tried the following combinations with no luck (gave each an hour to batch up and execute):

  • create Event with Event End Date = 2 mins from now
  • create Event with Event End Date = 1 hour from now
  • edit Event with Event End Date = 2 mins from now and Custom_Field to 'Scheduled' (changed)

In every scenario the "Time-Based Workflow" report page shows no results:

Time-Based Workflow results

Anyone knows why these rules wouldn't be firing?


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I triggered the workflow again today (a few days after creating it) and with no explanation it showed up on the "Time-Based Workflow" page. It only ran for the workflow that had its timer on the "Event: End" field.

enter image description here

So, I guess that's the answer? Maybe sandboxes are delayed a little? I don't know what the delay is since I left it for a few days. Anyway, this kind of randomness is pretty standard in the Salesforce universe, so that's fine.

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