I am trying to query feed-elements via Rest API from the workbench. API ref


I am getting this error.

[ {
  "errorCode" : "INVALID_FIELD",
  "message" : "Invalid custom filter name. "
} ]

This CustomFeedFilter is already available in ORG.


Looks the 'recordId' mentioned in query doesn't exists in your org. I tried with same Id and got similar error.

enter image description here Please re-check the record id and use below query, you should be able to get results.


enter image description here


  • Hi @Vinay The /services/data/v51.0/chatter/feeds/record/09Z6F0000004ddv/feed-elements URL is working fine, I am getting the results with base API query. But when I am passing the customFilter=CustomFeed params I am getting the error. Jun 22 at 11:23
  • I don't think this is the right format to pass, even when I tried using customFilter=CustomFeed I get the error. Also haven't found anything related documentation about error syntax.
    – Vinay
    Jun 22 at 17:30

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