My ask is quite simple here, i have a lightning component where i have an attribute of type Array of Account (Account[]). This array already has a list of Account records. At a certain event (on click of a button), i need to find the account record from the array, corresponding to a record id that i have.

I tried to find a JS method to do so, but couldn’t. Any help here would be appreciated.

Component: <aura:attribute name="studentsList" type="Account[]" default="{}"/>

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Array.prototype.find() is your friend =)

you simply need to match against your record id:

<Array>.find( element => element.id === <yourRecordId>)

this will return the first element matching element.id === <yourRecordId>

  • Hi, thanks for replying. This does look like the one, although i just tried to run the following code but it shows 'undefined' in the alert, not sure if i am missing something: var contextStudent = students.find(element => element.id === accId); alert(contextStudent); Jun 9, 2021 at 13:40

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