Our Salesforce org has the following role hierarchy:

enter image description here

The lead list view is shared to the following roles:

enter image description here

For some reason Phone Advisor can see list views that should only be shared with RA Leader and and RA Advisor and internal subordinates. I also tried to restrict by individual role, instead of using RA Advisor and subordinate, but this did not work.

Any tips? Thanks in advance!


This is how the role hierarchy works. Given Alice in role A, Bob in role B, and Charlie in role C, where both B and C report to A, gives the following sharing profiles:

  • Role A includes Alice
  • Role B includes Alice and Bob
  • Role C includes Alice and Charlie
  • Roles and Subordinates A includes Alice, Bob, and Charlie
  • Roles and Subordinates B includes Alice and Bob
  • Roles and Subordinates C includes Alice and Charlie

In the default model, these are the only profiles available. You can't share explicitly with Charlie without Alice also having access. Even a manual share with Charlie creates a sharing profile that includes both Charlie and Alice; managers have the same access as their subordinates in the hierarchy, and managers can always perform any action their subordinate could. For example, if Charlie owns a lead, Alice can delete that lead or transfer that lead to another user (assuming her profile allowed her to do so).

Some objects can have this feature disabled through Setup > Security Controls > Sharing Settings, but this will affect sharing rules and manual sharing globally for that object. Standard objects apparently can't be configured to ignore the hierarchy. I would advise you to read the Help & Training topic on the sharing model.

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  • Thanks for the answer! I guess that means I'll just have to live with them seeing that view. No worries! Thanks again!! – Paul Fischer May 9 '14 at 21:05

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