I am using a process builder to create task whenever Lead is created . For Task Due Date I want to set always Thursday or Tuesday. Means if I am creating task today (Thursday), then due date should be today.. If I am creating task tomorrow (Friday) then the due date should be Tuesday.. if I am creating task on Wednesday then the due date should be on Thursday. It will always what is the nearest date from today (Tuesday or Thursday).. I am trying with this formula, but not working

    0, Today() + 2 , 1, Today() + 1 , 2, Today(), 3,
Today() + 1, 4, Today() , 5, Today() + 4, 6, Today() + 3,"Error"


Getting Error -

The formula expression is invalid: Incorrect parameter type for function 'CASE()'. Expected Date, received Text

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Since you're trying to return a Date value in the formula, you can't have a Text value of "Error" as the default. You'll have to use a Date or NULL as the default.

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