Im trying to send time variable from LWC javascript To apex but not able to do that because of the format. what is the correct format in which I can send the time variable. Tried sending in the following format



this.currenttime = "12:23:05";
submitB({ starttime : this.currenttime)}


public static void newTimeCharge(Time starttime)

what is the proper format?


Set current time as time only instead of string

 currenttime = new Date().getTime();
 submitB({ starttime : this.currenttime})

Second Option: You can change parameter type from Time to String in the apex class and parse it their in apex using newInstance method of Time class by splitting the string using ':' and pass it as integer value in the function

Time.newInstance(Integer hour, Integer minutes, Integer seconds, Integer milliseconds).
  • Please reverse the order of your solutions since the second is the one that solves the asked question. – Phil W Jun 2 at 7:01
  • 1
    Also in the Date-based solution, please remove the "today" variable - you didn't show it consistently, it is "now" not "today" and you can easily inline it. Finally, it would be far better to show Date-based handling of a hard-coded date since the OP shows that themselves. – Phil W Jun 2 at 7:04
  • 1
    Thanks Phil, updated as per your comments. I have not used hardcoded string because the variable name is currentTime so it should be the dynamic current time and not the hardcoded one. I assumed that in the question hardcoded value is just for example/reference purpose to know about the actual format. – Ankur Gupta Jun 2 at 7:26

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