I'm sending a date value from my lwc to apex. the date value comes from a lightning-input type date, so the format is year-month-day (for example, 2021-06-01). In apex, this is how I process it, very simple:

public void import(Object value) {
     this.value = Date.valueOf(value);

Like this, apex throws "invalid date: year-month-day" I tried converting it to ISO string in js, so getting something like "2021-06-01T00:00:00.000Z" and apex also throws an invalid date error!! So which format does it accept? day/month/year? month/day/year? I know it has been asked a lot but I couldn't find a specific answer.

EDIT: I even tested in anonymous execute console, and tried doing Date.valueOf('2021-06-01') and it let me! so how come it works there and not in my code? Does it have something to do that I'm receiving an Object as argument instead of a String?

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As your method param is an Object and not string, that is why Date.valueOf method is not appending 00:00:00 by itslef and giving error. Convert/ typecast Object into string and it should start working.

public void import(Object value) {
     String val = String.valueOf(value); //String val = (String) value;
     this.value = Date.valueOf(val);

If you check documentation of Date class, Date.valueOf function accepts a string and the string format must be, although this function automatically appends time as 00:00:00 if you dont provide any time values.

(2021-06-01 08:11:00)
 String stringDate = year + '-' + month + '-' + day + ' ' + hour + ':' + minute + ':' + second;
 Date myDate = date.valueOf(stringDate);

one other way to get the date value is to create a new instance using year, month and day. If you are passing this string - 2021-06-01 as value from LWC, then you can convert it into a list of string first and pass it as integer values to newInstance method:

String dateValue = '2021-06-01';
List<String> token = dateValue .split('-');
//(Date.newInstance(year, month, day))
Date dt = Date.newInstance(Integer.valueOf(token[0]),Integer.valueOf(token[1]),Integer.valueOf(token[2]));
  • thanks! I'll try this. You know, I actually checked the documentation (i didn't want to ask in here before doing that), but then I actually tried in execute anonymous, and Date.valueOf() with the year-month-day format worked. Do you have any idea why it worked there and not in my code? Maybe in execute anonymous, there is no local time/ time zone problems there, and only in real code? Jun 1, 2021 at 15:00
  • Actually its not the problem of locale/time zone. You are passing value as an object. if you convert that into a string, it will work in apex as well. Let me update one more solution above to quick fix this Jun 1, 2021 at 15:18

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