i have one VF page which i am using in desktop as well as salesforce1 but in salesforce one this page contains scroll bar how can i hide the scroll bar from the vf page in salesforce1 context.

  • Can you post some code here for the reference? Your page might have a <div> tag with maximum width/height defined in it. You can change that height/width. – Sagar Pareek May 6 '14 at 10:07

Following things you can do:

1) DO not provide width/height to vf page top container (probably div).

2) Make sure that any component inside the container does not have width/height greater than top container

4) If width/height is perfect. Make sure margin and padding to top container set to 0 and inner components must not have margin or padding exceeding the top container width/height.

You can follow following post while creating vf page. They have provided some css for creating salesforce like look and feel pages:


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