Scenario: I have have a couple communities on the same domain and need to rebrand one of them. I would like the URL to reflect that branding e.g., currently mydomain.force.com/Community but needs to be mydomain.force.com/RebrandedCommunity. It is likely that community users have bookmarked their groups and even specific record pages within the community. It is also likely that users have historical emails with links to the community and its records.

I know how to change the community's URL, but I know that visiting the old URLs will not redirect to the new community. Is there a method that would allow me to make sure the old links are redirected to the community with the updated URL?

This documentation is unclear to me: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=sf.sites_redirects.htm&type=5 It is not clear whether it is possible to create a rule that is essentially: mydomain.force.com/Community/SomeRandomPage >> mydomain.force.com/RebrandedCommunity/SomeRandomPage

...when it could be any site page or a record page. Is there another method that could be used to accomplish this?

  • What you may be searching for is the UrlRewriter which can be implemented in apex and then that class is configured in the Site to handle requests. I cannot remember if works with both sites and communities or only sites. UrlRewriter Interface – Mark Pond May 27 at 21:12
  • @MarkPond, thanks for the tip! – mediocrecoder Jun 2 at 2:45

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