I have a DE with the number of customers, like this:

Entry_Date Customer_Total New_Customers
05/26/2021 5
05/27/2021 10 5
05/28/2021 21 11

I need to calculate the value for new customers daily, which would be the difference of Customer_Total for current day vs previous day. So, for 5/27/2021 it would be 10-5, for 5/28 21-10.

Getting an error

Errors: Old style JOIN (ANSI JOINs) syntax is not allowed.

when using below query:

(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM x WHERE datediff(day, Entry_Date, getdate()) = 0)) - (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM x WHERE datediff(day, Entry_Date, getdate()) = 1))
) as counter

What is the best way query this in marketing cloud?


Assuming you already have a data extension totalling the entries by date, you can use an Outer Apply to get the previous day's count for the calculation:

  convert(date, es.entry_date) entry_date
, es.customer_total 
, (es.customer_total - p.customer_total) new_customers
from Entry_Summary es
outer apply (
  from Entry_Summary es0
  where es0.entryDate >= convert(date, es.entry_date-1)
  and es0.entryDate < convert(date, es.entry_date)
) p

The convert() to a date datatype is for stripping the time from the date.

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