This Analyze and Improve Experience Builder Site Performance tool, a Chrome extension, includes an Export feature that outputs content that starts like this:

              "transaction":"{\"id\":\"catchAllTransaction:3\",\"ts\":161719.31,\"duration\":8059,\"pageStartTime\":1621855178211,\"marks\":{},\"context\":{\"warning\":\"THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS PAGEVIEW BY FRAMEWORK\",\"count\":3,\"isCatchAllTransaction\":true},\"owner\":null,\"unixTS\":false}",

What is the best way to consume this data? Do you just have to write your own code for that?

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    I guess it's just an audit tool that you can use to analyze your site's performance and take necessary action(mostly change code). Personally, I use Lighthouse by chrome to analyze my community pages – Anmol Kumar May 24 at 12:06
  • Thanks @AnmolKumar. Will take a look at Lighthouse too. – Keith C May 24 at 12:53

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