Similar to what we have for emails using _subscribers would there be one for MobileConnect?

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There are actually a few different Data Views that are associated with Mobile Connect:

  • _MobileAddress (similar to Subscribers - not officially supported)
  • _MobileSubscription (no longer supported - use _SMSSubscriptionLog instead)
  • _SMSSubscriptionLog (stores subscription info for each Mobile Number)
  • _SMSMessageTracking (message tracking information)

The one you are probably looking for is _MobileAddress.

Below is the info I can find around it:


 Field Name          Data Type   Required    Data     Default
 _ContactID          Text                    Y                                
 _MobileNumber       Text(15)                Y                                
 _Status             Text                    N                                
 _Source             Text                    N                                
 _SourceObjectId     Text(200)               N                                
 _Priority           Text                    N        1
 _Channel            Text(20)                N                                
 _CarrierID          Text                    Y        0
 _CountryCode        Text(2)                 Y                                
 _CreatedDate        Date                    Y        GETDATE()    
 _CreatedBy          Text                    N                                
 _ModifiedDate       Date                    Y        GETDATE()    
 _ModifiedBy         Text                    N                                
 _City               Text(200)               N                                
 _State              Text(200)               N                                
 _ZipCode            Text(20)                N                                
 _FirstName          Text(100)               N                                
 _LastName           Text(100)               N                                
 _UTCOffset          Decimal(4,2)            N        0
 _IsHonorDST         Boolean                 N        false        

For more detailed information please check out Zuzanna's DataView Article here, or Mateusz Dabrowski's article here.

Both have TONS of great insight and information on these data views as well as others.

As a final note Please remember _MobileAddress is NOT officially supported, so it is 'use at your own risk'. So depending on this for production or repeatable processes come with a high risk of failure with no support or alternatives to cover any interruptions.

  • Thanks for sharing this, really appreciate it.
    – Paul 2021
    Commented May 23, 2021 at 0:41

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