I know this might sound complex but is there any way that we can embed Visualforce page in Einstein Analytics.

We have built a custom Gantt chart using visualforce page as it is not possible in einstein analytics. Now, we want to use that in Einstein Analytics.

The flow could be like this:

  1. This Gantt chart's URL will be given in the widget's onboarding section or as a button link in the dashboard
  2. When any user clicks on that link, it should open the VF page as a separate tab by taking the name of the account dynamically (we can use some binding here if it is possible)

I didn't find any resource/knowledge article on how to do this but this is what we need.

Can anyone please let me know if this is possible or not. Else, could you please suggest an alternative which might lie closer to this approach. In the end, we need to show VF page in EA which updates dynamically.

Thank you in advance

  • Its not possible as of now within Salesforce summer 21 release. Jul 6 at 7:02

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